dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Tagged and Awards

Angélique send me this award.

And Caro send me this award :

Thanks girls for give me this award ! Now I have to give some other people this award, but I've seen this awards on several blogs. So if you're haven't got an award yet : these a for you !

Angélique also tagged me, I'm not sure how to play, but I guess I have to take the 4th photo out of my 4th photomap and have to tag 4 other bloggers... Ok, here's the photo :

Here are my two favorite men : my husband and our little boy Sem (at the time he was 2 years old). This picture was taken in Altea, Spain, last May (2008).

I tag :
* Caro
* Alice
* Terry
* Klaartje

1 opmerking:

C@ro zei

Gave foto!
Die wolken geven een lekker dramatisch effect.
Leuk om je man nu ook eens te zien!
Ik heb mijn foto er nu ook op staan. Natuurlijk 1tje van mijn 2 schatjes!!!
groetjes van Caro