zondag 13 juli 2008

I've been tagged !

Stacey King from http://rebelinker.blogspot.com/ tagged me ! Now I have to come up with seven random or little-known facts to share about me.

1. I love cooking and baking. Years ago I wanted it to be my profession, now I'm glad I didn't.
Now I don't want to work the entire weekend. However, when I was a student, I worked in a
2. It took me five years to graduate study . (normally it's four years) Before examination I was a
little lazy. I had a great year ;-)
3. I'm a teacher at a primary school. My students are 8 and 9 years old.
4. Last April I started lessons for my drivers license. I know, it's late, but beter late than never,
right ? I always was afraid in the car, sometimes I'm still afraid...
5. My second name is Agneta, WHY did my parents came up with this name ?? OMG !
6. I don't like coffee, I'm a diet coke addict...
7. I'm a internet freak. Well, that's what my husband says. I have to keep up to date with all
those blogs, right ?

That was actually rather difficult! Okay, now to tag seven more inspiring blogs...

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