maandag 29 oktober 2007

And the winner is....

... Linda SS ! Ze schreef een gedichtje, ik moest lachen toen ik het las !

...Linda SS ! She wrote a poem, I had to laugh when I red it !
Linda, please send me your address and I'll send you this set !

I love your pen & notebook set,
It will assist my life so that I won't forget...

Appointments galore, at least 3 a day,
Job schedules, the school, football practice, ballet.

Grocery lists, phone numbers, bills to be paid,
Haircut & manicure, cat needs to be spayed.

My brain is on over-load, I can't remember a thing,
Please come to my aide & award me your bling:)

1 opmerking:

Linda SS zei

Hi Krista...I'm thrilled to be your winner:) THANK YOU so much. My email is:

I will send you my mailing address after I hear from you.

Blessings...Linda SS